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IP Multiview

Complete hardware and software solution for software base multiview
HD Record

Complete captured solution from HD/SD SDI digital feeds.
Encoder HD

Professional H.265/H.264 video encoding solution from HD/SD SDI digital feeds.
HD Station

The software system is most extensive web application and service to form total IP base, paperless tv station for any TV station size.
HD Automation

HD Automation cover all the play-out automation requirement on broadcast facilities. 52 channels actually use HD Automation for broadcasting every days.
HD Tvad

Web base or Windows program for your choice to manage your sales. It is big packet program to let you manage your sales comfortable.
Hd Ingest

HD INGEST allows you to ingest media files for assets, projects. Media files will be checked for video format before uploading (the validation rules depend on configuration of the workflow), many files can be queued for processing.

Ultra-X4 isvideo server working with SD/HD, 2K and 4K materials, supports wide range of codecs and formats.
Hd Transcode

HD Transcode allows users to transcode media to other codec and format. Each transcoding has its own profile depends on configuration or user selection.
Hd Storage

HD STORAGE provides high performance, cost effective shared storage solution for small to medium size broadcast station and media company.
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