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Ultra-X8 is a brand of Ultra-X series that efficiently ingests, reviews your media in HD and SD formats. The Ultra-X8 is the first server to natively support such a wide range of codecs without requiring hardware changes.
HD Stat

This software provides statistical report on media files, such as deleted files, ingested files…Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF …
HD Metadata

Import metadata offline: allows user to create metadata of media without connection to MAM. The metadata then can imported to MAM system via watch folder.

HD QC is used for detecting errors in video files, it can check for Black Frame, Freeze Frame, Silent, Audio reverse-phase, … HD QC can integrate with workflow engine of many MAM system on the market.
HD Batch

Upload the episode of the program, which has the same multiple fields without re-entering field values. This is very useful for program editor to ingest many media that belong to series.
HD Quotas

This software allows administrator grant quota for users, for groups, for organization. This software can integrate with many MAM systems.
HD Validator

File format validator software is used to check the video formats (validation rule can be obtained from the configuration setting), this helps users checking media before uploading to MAM system
HD Exporter

This software exports files (media, xml, excel, photo poster) for partners watch folder through a configured path. HD Exporter can be integrated with Workflow Engine of many MAM Systems. This software bases on user permissions and can provide statistical report on exported media.
HD Convert

Converting many file formats, for example converting excel files to known structure XML
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