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HD Automation
HD Automation cover all the play-out automation requirement on broadcast facilities. 52 channels actually use HD Automation for broadcasting every days.

   HD Automation cover all the play-out automation requirement on broadcast facilities. 52 channels actually use HD Automation for broadcasting every days contents. It is multi channel, S+1 serves redundancy on NAS or SAN configuration. HD automation also work on unique configuration of C+1 configuration to make full channel redundancy, ready to broadcast almost frame accuracy to replace faulty channel playout section.

   HD Automation have multilayers timeline presentation for auxiliary event. One can use auxiliary event to control graphic, channel branding and any other external equipment with IP, GPIO or RS-422/232 protocol.

The packet include:

   • HD playout : Control servers through VDCP or through server’s proprietary control protocols ( GVG and Harmonic server supported. Other server on request). It is multi layers, multi event play-out system
   • HD Ingest: Tape automated ingesting program. Handle time-code broken tapes.
   • HD File manager: Control and manage file flow on play-out environment. It will automatic manage file flow between play-out NAS with SAN/Server. HD File manager make file ready to go on air any time it presents on playlist.
   • HD Playlist: Manage/create playlist direct on play-out system
   • HD Playlist pro: Manage/Create playlist on remote computer to the play-out system.
   • HD MAM: MAM system for play-out, file ingesting and managing.
   • HD Monitor: Multi-channel monitoring/alarm system. Monitor play-out systems and warning critical case for prevention work on the system before channel failure.

   • Well integrated will all equipment on the market
   • Market proven solution
   • Intuitive Graphic user interface
   • High content control with RTB (ready to broadcast) option
   • Well integrated with other production management system with default drop-box
   • Automatic metadata exchange with HD Station and automatic program transferring between 02 systems
   • Automatic metadata exchanges with HD Tvad for commercial cut transferring and on air.

HD Playout controls Video Servers for playing out media. HD Playout can control multiple video servers as well as peripheral devices such as Mixer, Video Router, CG, Master control…

• Playout software controls Video Server for playing out media.
• Control single or multiple video server for redundancy
• Support multi format in playlist
• Support controlling Mixer, Video Router, Master Control via GPI or Native API, external shotbox
• Support VDCP, Oxtel, MOS, Native API, GPI
• Live sequence mode support
• Support inserting breaking news or TVAds
• Playlists are stored in database and on storage with XML format.
• Support 3 playing modes: from beginning list, from selected clip, from beginning list at predefined start time.
• Support Fade, Cut mode for Clip or Live signal.
• Support freezing last frame, first frame and delay effect.

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