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HD Graph
Extremely powerful program designed especially for the live broadcast environment


   The HD Graph is an extremely powerful program designed especially for the live broadcast environment. HD Graph has a background graphics engine that installs on Windows server or windows 10 and utilize GPU performance to render multi-layer graphic. HD Graph is flexible, easy to use and optimized for live broadcast control. HD Graphic designer- a HD Graph module lets broadcaster to create and edit easily the graphic templates. HD Graphic client module running on any client PC on the same network will allow broadcaster to control the behavior of graphic according to predefined graphic appearance in template.
   Graph Engine is a framework for rendering intelligent HTML based graphics pages and web apps to deliver video output as NewTek NDI IP Video format, or via a SDI interface. Properly formatted compatible templates can deliver Fill and Key with transparency through NDI


Multi-Layer graphic objects

-    Flash, Crawls, Rolls, Text templates, Images, Clocks.

Text template properties

-    Text, font, size, colour, etc.

Flash animations

-    WMV, AVI, MP4

Image sequences


Graphic creation, editing, preview and playout

-    Yes

Language interface

-    English, Vietnamese or Laos

Live input/output signals

-    MPEG TS in, NDI over network;

Support Graphic

-    Display voting, overlay Logo to Asembling metting video and display video on request

Support Protocol

-    SNMP, API.

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