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HD Ingest
HD INGEST allows you to ingest media files for assets, projects. Media files will be checked for video format before uploading (the validation rules depend on configuration of the workflow), many files can be queued for processing.

HD INGEST allows ingesting media from both local storage and from remote FTP site. Users can browse hard disk, browse memory card reader, preview media files then upload media file to central storage. Media can be organized in projects like their original structure, HD Ingest can ingest entire or a part of memory card, it also supports media file that spans on multiple files.

If HD Ingest detects that the format of media file is invalid, it can suggest user to transcode or rewrap media to house format.

HD Ingest can control Video Server to ingest SDI baseband, it can also control VTR, XDCAM and Video Router for ingesting media by scheduling. Normally, media is ingested into Video Server local storage then upload to central storage. With Utra-X video server, HD Ingest can create lowres file during ingest.

With file based ingest, proxy file (lowres media) is created as soon as media finish ingesting.

HD Ingest allows user to preview, create, update meta data for media, this metadata information is stored in central database so it can be accessed immediately by other services during ingesting.




• Ingest software for Video Server
• Support file based and SDI baseband Ingest
• Support wide range codec: MPEG2 I FRAME, MPEG2 LONG GOP, DV, DVC PRO HD, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, XDCAM HD and AVC-Intra
• Support multi format: MXFOp1a, GXF, MPEG4, MPG
• Generate proxy files for recording media
• Seamlessly integrated with FIMS compliance MAM system
• Support searching media, creating playlist for recording media
• Allow creating meta data for ingest clip in database
• Allow updating meta data during or after ingest
• Support local and shared storage
• Support up to 4 Simultaneously record channels
• Support controllingVTR, XDCAM and Video Router
• XDCAM and P2 support

Download: Ingest Specs

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