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HD Station
The software system is most extensive web application and service to form total IP base, paperless tv station for any TV station size.

It includes:
1.Module Media Management: Ingest file, record metadata for both ready program and for raw clips. Searching, cataloging, uploading to central or distributed storage, download from central/distributed storage, content censorship (0- 5 level of censorship content oriented decision), QC software integration and frame accuracy comment. The module need to co-operate with some background services like Lowress creation, transcoding, QC file, ftp server, ftp client, MXF wrapper, file cut, file merge… Each file will be assigned to suitable file-flow to adapt to any present network/storage architecture. File-flow is the cutting edge technology from HD UltraSoft to manage file or content and processing the content automatically.

2.Module Storyboard:
Web-base StoryBoard Editor. You will be able to create playable story with full support of ready made clips, narrating text with extensive description of science (audio, video, lighting) and detailed control of time.

3. Module Subtitle:
Web-bas Subtitle editor. Frame accuracy online subtitle editor. Choice of color and subtitle position. Import and export subtitle from other different format. Work with background service Subtitle burner to burn the subtitle for permanent open subtitling.

4. Module Audio Track: Manage the audio track of media online. You can add voice-over-track, add more audio track to present media to make localization or simply add/remove different langue track to media.

5. Module News: Write your news, scripts and story online with module news. The news workflow is assigned for individual new and vary depend on the content of the news. The news editor is the newest solution for news and media integration solution. News module is use-full not only for news department but also suitable for any other production department thanks to the flexibility of workflow that can be applied to individual news.

6. Module draftcut: Usefull online Video Editor. Quick cut edit can be do from anywhere on the network. EDL can be exported, download and import to any NLE system.

7. Module workflow:
Is the most modern workflow design for broadcast application. The workflow is defined separately for each file or for each project of the system. The only system that run on the background and real-time show you the progress of flow. Any new workflow cans add/modified to system by authorized user.

8. Module QuickTrailer:
Let you quickly compose the trailer from video program. The extract from video can be arranged on any sequence and system will compose all the extract to one video cut and download it to NLE on request. Module co-operate with background media cutting and merging service.

9. Module Macroprograming:
 MAM support for long time channel scheduling, design channel structure, automated TV series scheduling, play-out history, weekly programing. Automated generation of daily schedule from macroprograming.

10. Module schedule:
Let you create or finalize the daily schedule with full support of MAM and progress on production workflow.

11. Module rundown: The playlist created by rundown is use-full for all studio and live event. Co-operate with background file manager service, the content on playlist will be delivered according to the design on workflow to let content appear on time on the play-out server of studio for live/production event.

12. Module services control: HD Station uses the module to control all the background service of the system. The system use extensive services to allow system to perform processing on video, audio, data and also perform different file transfer, storage managing and metadata duplication or synchronizing.

13. Module user control and management: The broadcast industry most accurate way to define position and duties of staff on television station. The standard module manage user, access restriction on IP, on time. HD Station is the only system that allow so detail wright- duties assignment to the user that user can be allowed or prohibited to access single menu, single action button and also to single content. For example, one person can authorize to see content of one channel, but cannot make any change to the metadata or content of the channel. Each editor can create news on the system but only few can approve the content and allow the editor to go on. On the multi channel environment, director of one channel may not have wright to do any approval or noting on the content belong to other channel. The user function and wright on the system reflect fully organization structure. No one can work outside the scope off defined jobs for his position. Any wright of one person can be authorized to other person for some period of time. After the period, the “right” comes back to the owner. Owner of the wright can do the authorization to others on they personal page.

14. Module employers management: Full employer data needed for system to function. Change status of employer on the module will result on the change of all user wright on the system. Teaming the staff to different production will give you enough data to generate production manpower cost and analyst staff activities over any period of time.

15. Module Equipment and facilities management: If you want to have full picture of your equipment and facilities on the TV station the module is the good answer to you. With extensive management system, your equipment now is on good hand. You can brow to see what you have ready for production any time, any where. Statistic from system also help you to plan future purchasing/ renting. The cost analyzer part of the module allow you to estimate each production cost on equipment aspect.

16. Module cost: Composition production cost analyze report.

Technical requirement:
   1. Servers running Widows server, SQL.
   2. Service Servers with windows 2012 or linux
   3. Streaming server windows server 2012 or Linux
   4. FTP servers Windows server 2012 or linux
The system hardware requirement will depend on the umber of users and depend on the intensive use of system. The more powerful system, you have shorter time on transcoding and more reliable on lowres playback on remote system plus quicker interface on GUI.

Mam.jpg Storyboard.jpg Subtitle.jpg
 Media Management  Storyboard  Subtitle
News.jpg draftcut.jpg workflow.jpg
 News Management  Draftcut  Workflow
dashboard.jpg QuickTrailer.jpg Macroprograming.jpg
 Dashboard  QuickTrailer  Macroprograming
schedule.jpg services.jpg user.jpg
 Schedule  Services  User control and management
employers.jpg Equipment.jpg  
 Employers management  Equipment management  
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