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MAM - HD Automation
Media Asset Management is a MAM module in the HD Automation

 Media Asset Management

  MAM is a software solution created to fully optimize the value of user’s assets through a centralized management of digital content and associated metadata.
   OnAir graphical user interface module (GUI) to perform direct control Playout Server - record / play clips according to scheduled list,





Media Asset Management

-     Asset data is managed in the central Media Library which is fully integrated

-  Advanced metadata association with each media file. Metadata can be asset or frame specific.

-     Allows all relevant data to constantly be updated even after the original file is created

- MAM that simplifies asset, metadata and content management

-   Manage the end-to-end media lifecycle including ingest, playlist, File manager, metadata association and asset distribution

Database Driven

-    MAM is completely database driven. No data is stored on client systems. Content can be ingested from tape or file, or transferred from existing editing systems or shared storage solutions. Media is stored in a centralized repository, accessible directly through the MAM client


-    MAM allows system administrators to control and modify metadata of media file without requiring expert knowledge of SQL systems. Administrators also have the ability to restore entries deleted by users by accident or purge elements permanently. System managing storage volumes are additional functions that an administrator can perform.


-      Any number of custom metadata fields can be added to the system at any time.

-  Ingested video clips automatically inherit information including tape or disk reference IDs, date, program name, rights, resolution, type, legal information and production notes.

-    Users can add additional information to a video clip or a section of a clip. Any number of the custom metadata fields can be added to the system at any time.

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