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Web-based system for centralized management of the IPTV platform


   IPTV Portal is web-based system for centralized management of the IPTV platform. IPTV Portal enables system administrator to check status of the whole system, share configuration settings across devices and to configure alerts using only web browser. IPTV Portal has built-in reporting system which can provide Managers with important data about VOD.


IPTV Service

-    Scheduled Content

-    Hybrid broadcast-broadband

-    Streamed VoD

-    Information services

Content Metadata

-   TV metadata that is associated with the content items provided in the Scheduled Content Service. In the Scheduled Content Services the content playout time is determined by the service provider.

-  VoD metadata describing the attributes of content items available to the user on an on-demand nature. The CoD Metadata is typically organised as a catalogue which may be presented in different perspectives such as alphabetical listing or grouped by genre.

-    Stored Content metadata describing scheduled content items that have been recorded by the user and are available for playback either from network storage or local storage.


-   A Service Platform that provides an entry point to individual IPTV Services to Users via a GUI.

-    Manage live streams with sources of TS over IP and NDI from Broadcasting system of NATIONAL PARLIAMENT HOUSE

Language Interface

-    English, Laos, Vietnamese

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